Ends on May 31, 2019

NEW RIVERS PRESS seeks submissions for the anthology Wild Gods: The Ecstatic in Contemporary Poetry and Lyric Prose. Though “ecstatic” is often used as a synonym for “joy,” our application of the term embodies the entire emotional palette and is open to any ego-effacing experience of one-ness. Profound grief or outrage can access the ecstatic—as can experiences of extreme pleasure, pain, and wonder. It can explore the profane as much as the sacred and is often an expression of both. So, whirl like a dervish and send us your yawps, pleas, prayers, and curses. Your untamed and uncontained. Submit three to five poems, prose poems, or lyric nonfiction shorts. 

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Submissions may be previously published in journals but not in a collection unless the author owns the rights.

We're looking for manuscripts of creative nonfiction, essays, experimental, mixed-genre, and multi-genre work between 70 and 120 pages in length. Include contact information and a brief artistic biography with publication history. 

Submission Guidelines

  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but notify NRP immediately of acceptance elsewhere. If you fail to give such notification and your manuscript is selected, your entry gives NRP permission to proceed with publication.
  • Please include acknowledgements of individual pieces previously published in magazines, anthologies, or elsewhere.
  • You may submit more than one manuscript, but only if there is NO overlap in content.
  • Manuscript pages must be numbered.
  • All of the material included in your submission must be of your own composition and free from copyright restrictions. Should you be selected for publication, you will be responsible for securing releases.

If selected for publication, author(s) will receive

  • Standard publishing contract with royalties
  • 25 author copies and an author discount on further copies
  • The opportunity to receive travel funding to visit Minnesota State University Moorhead campus to give a reading and/or a master class on craft of writing or the manuscript's subject matter


This year, New Rivers has elected to charge a small $5 reading fee for our general submissions period in efforts to help offset the cost of publishing and marketing the books we publish. However, in an attempt to not be prohibitive to our submitters, we will keep the first two weeks free of charge: March 25 - April 7. Then the remainder of the submission window will have the $5 fee. We appreciate your understanding.

As a small non-profit press, we subsist off the submissions of authors and off the donations of invested parties. This year, we have included an optional donation feature below. Donating will have no impact on the reading of your manuscript or on our decisions to accept a submission, but we do appreciate the support from anyone who is willing and able to contribute to our operations. Either way, thank you for thinking of New Rivers Press.

New Rivers Press